Turquoise Premium

Free from 4 additives

To ensure suitability for those with sensitive skin, Turquoise Premium is free from 4 additives.

  • Parabens
    No Parabens
  • Parabens are generally used as preservatives in beauty cosmetics which is known to cause irritation for those with sensitive skin.  Turquoise Premium contains no Parabens.
    Synthetic perfumes
    No Synthetic perfumes
  • Turquoise Premium is free from synthetic perfumes which is known to cause headaches.
  • The scent is a major stimulant for the brain itself as well as preference for fragrance depends on each individuals, therefore Turquoise Premium contains no perfumes.

  • Artificial colourings
    No Artificial colourings
  • Artificial enzymes have originally been used as a robust pigments in various applications.  The turquoise colour is its natural colour without any form of colour dyes.  Turquoise Premium contains no artificial colourings, its turquoise colour is the actual colour of the artificial enzyme itself.

  • Alcohols
    No Alcohols
  • Alcohol often causes irritation for those with sensitive skin or allergies.
  • Turquoise Premium also contains no alcohol.

Turquoise premium - List of ingredients

Turquoise Premium is developed in Japan and can be used by all types of skin, including those with dry or greasy skin.
It has also been tested for allergic reactions, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin.
Contains minute amount of menthol to provide comfort in hot and humid environment.

How to use Turquoise Premium

Turquoise Premium uses non-woven fabric which adsorbs and traps negative factors, such as allergens and sebum, commonly found on skin surfaces.
With less stressed skin in place, it prepares grounds for optimum lotion performance.
The best time for application is at 'night'.

Using it following a facial wash shortly before going to bed is recommended.
Though it could still be used during the day, the lotion may not provide maximum efficiency due to perspiration or allergen exposure.

1. Remove the sheet mask from the packaging. 
2. Carefully spread it out.
3. Place the sheet on your face, aligning the cutouts for the eyes, nose and mouth ensuring the air does not get trapped in between.
4. Any remaining cosmetic liquid can be squeezed out and applied to eyes, cheeks and mouth areas, which is susceptible to dryness, as well as neck areas.
5. Once firmly applied, watching TV, household chores or other work can be carried out.  Keep it in place for at least 5 to 10 minutes.
6. Once desired time has reached, remove the sheet mask and dispose of as combustible household waste.
7. Each sheet mask can only be used once for hygiene reasons.
8. No additional care is required following the removal of the sheet mask.  The anti-allergen treatment is now set with the skin cells most relaxed, simply enjoy your goodnight sleep.