Turquoise Premium

A lot common

Artificial enzymes have contributed towards our daily lives in many ways, from dyeing of industrial products and vehicles to developing various products that takes advantage of their deodorising, antibacterial and anti-allergen capabilities used in medical and healthcare sectors.
Turquoise Premium is the sheet masks using non-woven fabric with artificial enzyme bindings.  We hope that this will become one of your daily companions.

To the world, from Japan

Primarily, the artificial enzyme was coincidentally discovered in Japan and has been researched for years.
It was mostly used for industrial products, however our Turquoise Premium, the world's first beauty cosmetics using non-woven fabric bound with artificial enzyme, aims to provide a solution for your skin care needs such as daily skin issues or unexpected sunburns.

Brand ambassador

Miss World Japan 2020 Finalist, Shizuka Anderson, is a presenter, reporter and actress on various Japanese television programs and YouTube channels.
Skin care is an important part of her daily routine, valuing products with gentle ingredients for her sensitive skin.


Where to buy

For your everyday comfort, we aim to make our Turquoise Premium purchase with ease.
Carefully monitoring the Covid19 situation, we hope to establish a convenient stress-free sales channel.