Turquoise Premium

 Turquoise Premium


  The first of its kind in the world, from Japan!
A new cosmetic advancement with artificial enzymes.
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 The Turquoise Premium sheet masks

The Turquoise Premium sheet masks is a base cosmetic product that uses non-woven fabric infused with artificial enzyme (phthalocyanine).

The same AllerCatcher technology is applied on Turquoise Premium sheet masks where a modest amount of non-woven fabric is specially formulated as artificial enzyme bound non-woven fabric for use as a cosmetic sheet mask product.
Despite being less complexed than the use of natural enzymes, it still requires extremely exquisite manufacturing process, which is time and labour intensive.  Therefore, the cost tends to be on the higher side.
Nevertheless, for its anti-allergen, deodorising, odour ousting, it certainly is ideal for beauty cosmetics.  This is the world first cosmetics product with the non-woven fabric bound with artificial enzymes.
Furthermore, ideal for both men and women with skin issues caused by having to wear facial coverings for prolonged durations, in light of Covid19 pandemic.
This product has been tested for allergic reactions, making it also suitable for people with sensitive skin.
*Turquoise premium is not a medicine and does not cure the disease.  Results may vary.

An artificial enzyme sensation!

In most cases, the length of time wearing facial coverings have increased due to the Covid19 pandemic.
It is often heard regarding the odours coming from such facial coverings.  However, are the odours actually coming from the facial coverings themselves?
You've brushed your teeth, replaced the facial covering with a new one, yet there is a odour...
That may be coming from your face itself.
By wearing facial coverings, the trapped moisture creates a common breeding ground for sebum and germs.  Sebum and germs could be the cause.
Unlike masking the odours temporarily by means of fragrant scent, the artificial enzyme deodorises by removing the core factors of the odour itself.  Through this, improvement of the skin enviroment can be expected.