A moisturising cosmetics with functional non-woven fabric.
The Sacran, which has approximately 10 times more moisture retaining capabilities than hyaluronic acid, prevents fine wrinkles caused by dry skin.
The non-woven fabric removes allergens on your skin surfaces.
Followed by cosmetic lotion containing Sacran* prevents skin dry outs, boosting natural skin turnover. 
*Sacran is a natural organism (blue-green algae) that is habitually unique to Japan.

Free from perfumes, colourings, alcohols and Parabens.
Suitable for people with sensitive skin. 

An agar-like substance
extracted from an algae
called Suizenjinori which
grows exclusively in pure
springs of Kumamoto and 
Fukuoka prefectures of Japan.

                                Functional non-woven fabric:

                                 Non-woven fabric with artificial
                                 enzyme with deodorising and
                                 antibacterial deodorant
                                 functions are being used.

                                 Non-woven fabrics bound with
                                artificial enzymes are found in
                                various applications such as

                                facial masks and healthcare products.
Furthermore, ideal for both men and women with skin issues caused by having to wear facial coverings for prolonged durations, in light of Covid19 pandemic.

This product has been tested for allergic reactions, making it also suitable for people with sensitive skin.
*Turquoise Premium is not a medicine and does not cure the disease.  Results may vary.