Introducing Yuriko Matsuo, the professional calligrapher who designed our Turquoise Premium logo



My love for drawing starts from an early age.
However, being an introvert, there were times when I could not get myself to draw when I saw others who could draw well.
During my second year of primary school, my father and grandfather encouraged me by saying, "You must be good at running", subsequently taking part in a marathon race,
where a prize was awarded.  This created a stepping stone for me to concentrate on athletics during my student days.

I was aiming to teach PE and spent 2 and half hours commuting to university every day, however on the day of graduation, my health took a downturn and resulted in being admitted to hospital.  This has closed the door to pursue this career.

After getting back on my feet again, I was in a job which I was going to devote my entire life to, however amongst other things including divorce, my health suffered and forced to abandon due to doctor's order.  To heal myself from severe strain, I headed to Hawaii for therapy and spent a year travelling around overseas.

In my return, after working in various positions such as a PE instructor, I took up the teaching profession.
One day, my re-married husband asked me - "Can you somehow make use of your calligraphy and illustrating skills to create a new flyer design for this handyman business?  The current flyer design isn't yielding much".  This got me started drawing again.  Unexpected success followed which my husband was grateful, at the same time realised what I had bottled up inside me all these years.

My mother was a painter, but since she was unenthusiastic about selling her own paintings, I was using her as an excuse not to draw or write for a living.

Subsequently, I made my mind up and started my own business with the thought of -"Doing something to help others with doing something which I could be my real self and enjoy".   With word of mouth, illustration and calligraphy work gradually started to come in.  Rest is history as currently I spend my days calligraphing and drawing, involved in many packaging designs for various commercial products.

It was a struggle, I did a lot of running around as well as suffered with my health during this journey.  Nevertheless, starting off with athletics, with the help and support from many, I made it as a professional "Calligraphing Illustrator" that is truly who I am and proud of doing the work that brings benefits to people.

Due to my love for the nature and children, I have a vested interest in environmental issues, which I put my thoughts to the world through my own design creations.

I was pleased to be entrusted the design of the logo of Turquoise Premium, which I am very confident that my designs reflect the high quality that the product deserves.
Proudly made in Japan, with all my best wishes for the future success.

Calligraphing Illustrator Yuri