For intensive care of sunburned, dry and damaged skin.For intensive care of sunburned, dry and damaged skin.

 [ Sacran ]
An agar-like substance extracted from an algae called Suizenjinori which grows exclusively in pure springs of Kumamoto and Fukuoka prefectures of Japan.


[ The research ]
In 2006, JAIST (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) made the world's first breakthrough in extracting a large amount of agar-like substance called "Sacran" from an edible algae, Suizenjinori, a freshwater photosynthetic microorganism unique to Japan.


 [ Moisturising capabilities ]
Sacran's water retention capacity is approximately 6 times that of pure hyaluronic acid (a moisturising agent commonly used in cosmetics), and approximately 10 times that of saline solution (the human body also possess saline).



Furthermore, due to its distinct property characteristics where the viscosity strengthens the moment it comes in contact with the skin, an unique adhering sensation can be enjoyed when applied.
Moreover, Sacran protects the skin cells from external stimulants and allergens by forming a nano-thin barrier on the skin surfaces, which adsorbs the moisture from the skin internals, retaining a thin film of moist layer.


From within the skin, each skin cells are vitalised by the moisturising capability of Sacran enabling moisturising sensation to be perceived


[ Allergies ]
Sacran is a cosmetic product which can be used by those with weaken skin barriers, such as atopic dermatitis.
* Not all people have allergic symptoms

An "oxidase" breaks down unwanted elements within the human body and makes them easier to discharge.  This oxidase protects person's health from various factors within areas such as liver.  There is a substance that functions the same way as this oxidase, which is the phthalocyanine.
The phthalocyanine is a blue/green pigment compound that was accidentally synthesised over 100 years ago, which is widely used in road signs and Shinkansen carriages (bullet trains) as organic pigments owing to its rigid non-fading colour characteristics.  Since natural enzymes are delicate and fragile, therefore unsuited for use as product developments, whereas artificial enzymes that utilise metal phthalocyanine are capable of being processed into various manufacturing applications.
 Benefits of artificial enzyme (phthalocyanine)
Furthermore, certain types of phthalocyanines have chemical properties as reactive catalysts.
Proven benefits include:
* Deodorant, antibacterial deodorant
* Anti-allergic substance


Artificial enzyme bound non-woven fabric Allercatcher

Based on research on artificial enzymes at Shinshu University, followed by extensive research and development at Daiwabo Co., Ltd, a fibre that exploits the full potentials of artificial enzyme, the Allercatcher was unveiled.


* Allercatcher is a joint development by Shinshu University and Daiwabo Co., Ltd.


The Allercatcher adsorbs allergens on the fibre.

Since Allercatcher is proven to have deodorising and antibacterial properties which suppresses the growth of bacteria on fibre surfaces, it has been playing part in medical and health care sectors. Turquoise premium sheet mask is a cosmetic product made of same Allercatcher non-woven fabric.


Free from 4 additives

To ensure suitability for those with sensitive skin, Turquoise Premium is free from 4 additives.


No Artificial colourings
Artificial enzymes have originally been used as a robust pigments in various  applications.  The turquoise colour is its natural colour without any form of colour dyes.  Turquoise Premium contains no artificial colourings, its turquoise colour is the  actual colour of the artificial enzyme itself.



No Synthetic perfumes

Turquoise Premium is free from synthetic perfumes which is known to cause headaches.
Scent is a major stimulant for the brain itself as well as preference for fragrance depends on each individuals, therefore Turquoise Premium contains no perfumes.

No Alcohols

Alcohol often causes irritation for those with sensitive skin or allergies.  Turquoise Premium also contains no alcohol.


No Parabens

Parabens are generally used as preservatives in beauty cosmetics which is known to cause irritation for those with sensitive skin.  Turquoise Premium contains no Parabens.

[ List of Ingredients ]